Mochez Models Fashion Show


John Kaveke Design

John Kaveke Design

Norfolk Hotel was the place to be on Friday evening,as media and showbiz personalities converged to witness the first ever fashion show to feature six international fashion designers. Firstly, Continue reading →

How to wear over-sized shirts fashionably


Hello lovelies,

My obsession with over-sized shirts continues, everyday I find a new use for them. A few posts ago I utilized an over-sized/boyfriend shirt in a post What to wear the Morning After today I’m using an oversize shirt to deal with the weather swings. The weather in Nairobi is so unpredictable, you wake up in the morning thinking its going to be a beautiful day; Continue reading →

What to wear the Morning After


Hello lovelies,

You are probably wondering about the title of this post, what to wear the morning after…so picture this; you are going out on a Friday night. You are on your favorite party dress, a little bag with your essentials all ready for the night with your friends. You choose to take a cab instead of driving because you don’t have a designated driver. Continue reading →

2013 Review

Happy New Year!!!


Yes its January 8th and I haven’t done my 2013 review…comes with going away for holidays and keeping off computers.  Before I jump to the new year and start offloading more of the holiday photos like the one above (with Betty) allow me to post some of the outfits I loved in 2013 both from Lucius and I, some made it to the blog others only made it to facebook. I will do 12, one for each month Continue reading →

What I wore: Lace details



It’s amazing how old fashion keeps coming back, I’m pretty sure if I go into my grand mother’s closet I won’t miss something lace or better yet every other Kenyan 24 years + will probably remember the days which every home had lace sheers. Oh God, even as lace makes a huge come back let it not go back in the living rooms the same way, that was scary! But of course wedding gowns and lingerie have been able to uphold laces since time memorial, so I  guess when we talk about lace come back its more of tops and dresses in lace. I especially love how when mixed with just a simple chiffon its able to transform it from plain to feminine… Continue reading →

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