MALE Magazine Review

Kenyan Fashionado

A week ago I was pleased to be invited for the launch of the MALE Magazine at Village Market. In as much as I could have posted about the magazine immediately after the launch, I thought I will first do a small experiment. So I took the magazine and placed it on my hubby’s desk. Knowing that he doesn’t stand clutter and doesn’t give a second glance to anything that doesn’t attract his attention, there were only 2 choices; either find the magazine back on my desk (where he assumes that it was misplaced) or find it beside his laptop meaning reading in progress. So without a word I left the magazine! Next day, Continue reading →

Event Review: Mille Collines Men’s wear launch


One of the fashionable gentlemen from the event and I

One of the fashionable gentlemen from the event and I

Last week, I received an invite for a cocktail event to celebrate the launch of Mille Collines Men’s wear store at Village Market. So I thought what a nice plot after work, being on Friday I will pop in have a look at the designs then grab a drink with my gals who had also been invited. What I didn’t know was, this was going to be a big fashion event. So before I give you details about this event; take it from me if you are invited for a fashion event in Nairobi make sure you dress up for the it! Don’t show up casually after work like I did!!!

So who is Mille Collines?

Mille Collines is a fashion brand founded in 2009 by two young Spanish designers Marc Oliver & Ines Cautrecasas. The Mille Collines menswear range was first released in South Africa at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2013. The collection offers two categories for Continue reading →

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