Travel Review: Voyager Beach Resort

Lucia Musau

There are some pieces you wear and it’s almost like they were meant for you! While at times it could be about how you look, to me it’s always about how they make me feel! I wore this ensemble from Silk Dreams in Mombasa during my stay at the Voyager Beach Resort and Continue reading →

Travel Review – 14 Falls Thika

Lucia Musau

Happy New Month!

I would like to start the month with a travel review! Like have said before, life in the city can make someone robotic at times! Too many routines, even the things you do for fun become routines. In a bid┬áto break the monotony, last week I decided to take an impromptu trip not so far off Nairobi. A small break to 14 falls Thika. ┬áBeing first time to this place I didn’t know what to expect, although Continue reading →

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