Hello August!!


Lucia Musau

Hello lovelies,

After taking a break from the blog last week, I’m back with brights! I’m excited about this new month, that explains my choice for going bright! Don’t ask me why I’m excited, at least not yet; I’m being optimistic and thanking God for all good things that are about to happen, can I get an Amen? So to start us off this month I chose to go with Continue reading →

Fashion letter to the Campus Chic

Nairobi College Fashion


Happy Friday lovelies, Today I decided to reconnect with my younger self, the early 20’s college student just so I could write this letter. So you will have to pardon me for looking so ‘campus chic’     Dear Campus Chic, There are a few things you should know; Continue reading →

Why you should date a Fashion girl

Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

So have been reading articles every where ‘why you should date a girl who reads’ or ‘ why you should date a girl who travels’ and so forth so now lets talk about dating a fashion girl and no, not me because I’m already taken. This is for my single fashion sisters out there!!!

If you ask me, you should date a fashion girl..here is why Continue reading →

Classic yet timeless: Red and polka dots



Happy Wednesday,

Today marks the beginning of my exams so before I get buried in books, here is yesterday’s look; polka dots and red. A rather classic yet timeless look, the thing about polka dots is that they don’t go out of fashion so they are pretty easy to play around with, then there is red a major confidence booster. Paired together this is the result… Continue reading →

What I wore: layers of stripes


Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening

Allow me to wish all that at once, besides I no longer no what time it is in Nairobi especially in this weather. Yes, I finally made the big decision to move from Mombasa to Nairobi trust me it wasn’t easy. You have probably heard the Swahili saying which says “getting in Mombasa is like a wedding while getting out is one sad affair”…but again a lady has got to do what she has to do. Continue reading →

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