Hennessy Meets Grafitti

Lucia Musau & Juliet Ochieng

Story By Wanjiku Thuku

All roads led to the Rosedale Gardens this past weekend where the ‘Hennessy Grafitti’ event took place! The event was hosted by Lucia Musau together with the Hennessy team and was the perfect ambience for an event of this nature.

Since it was a Continue reading →

MALE Magazine Review

Kenyan Fashionado

A week ago I was pleased to be invited for the launch of the MALE Magazine at Village Market. In as much as I could have posted about the magazine immediately after the launch, I thought I will first do a small experiment. So I took the magazine and placed it on my hubby’s desk. Knowing that he doesn’t stand clutter and doesn’t give a second glance to anything that doesn’t attract his attention, there were only 2 choices; either find the magazine back on my desk (where he assumes that it was misplaced) or find it beside his laptop meaning reading in progress. So without a word I left the magazine! Next day, Continue reading →

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