From Prague With Bata

Lucia Musau

Greetings from Prague!

I asked you to guess where I was headed yesterday on my Facebook LIVE, if you guessed Prague you were right! Congratulations, I will go through all the comments and award the first one! Unlike many trips where I normally wait to upload all the photos, today I have decided to upload some while still here. It’s more like a post card from Prague and if you are wondering what I’m doing here, have come for the Bata Fashion Weekend. Why Prague? Continue reading →

Event Review: Mille Collines Men’s wear launch


One of the fashionable gentlemen from the event and I

One of the fashionable gentlemen from the event and I

Last week, I received an invite for a cocktail event to celebrate the launch of Mille Collines Men’s wear store at Village Market. So I thought what a nice plot after work, being on Friday I will pop in have a look at the designs then grab a drink with my gals who had also been invited. What I didn’t know was, this was going to be a big fashion event. So before I give you details about this event; take it from me if you are invited for a fashion event in Nairobi make sure you dress up for the it! Don’t show up casually after work like I did!!!

So who is Mille Collines?

Mille Collines is a fashion brand founded in 2009 by two young Spanish designers Marc Oliver & Ines Cautrecasas. The Mille Collines menswear range was first released in South Africa at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2013. The collection offers two categories for Continue reading →

Deacons Book Donation Campaign


Donate School books at Deacons

This year Deacons has brought the book donation campaign yet again. Deacons intends to collect 40,000 – 50,000 books in total during the campaign from all its 14 stores which are:

Sarit Centre ( Babyshop, 4U2, Angelo, Life fitness & Adidas)

Yaya Centre (Bossini & Truworths)

The Junction mall ( Babyshop, Angelo, Truworths)

Thika Road Mall (4U2, Angelo, Babyshop)

Capital Centre ( 4U2) You can donate Continue reading →

What I wore: Crop set

crop set

Hello lovelies,

A week ago I received a mail from Pretty n Pure (London) that they would like to send me some pieces to try them out, in as much as I was excited I didn’t know what to expect. So on Friday the luggage arrived and their partner in Kenya called me to go and select 2 of my favorite pieces before the opening of their store. Boy oh boy..I literally had a ‘clorgasim’…have you ever tried on so beautiful stuff that u felt heavenly?..all I that could say was ‘oh yes..oh my God Continue reading →

What to wear on Valentine’s day: LBD

Caitlin Moran in her book How to Be Woman says, “When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.” I couldn’t agree more! So before you begin wondering what to wear on Valentine’s, the question is who do you want to be…how do you want to feel? My first pre valentine inspiration  is a little black pick-up style bubble dress with just a dash of red. Continue reading →

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