Matching Co-ordinates

Lucia Musau

By now you should already know that I have a thing for suits or shall I say matching co-ordinates, that plus color of course! So allow me to introduce you to my latest acquisition which I’m totally in love with, this suit! Oh yes this one,  gives me life. I know we only say this about people or places but I can confidently say Continue reading →

Fashionably Unapologetic

Lucia Musau

Happy Friday!

Earlier this week I met up with one of my friends and fellow fashion blogger ‘Arthur’ or as he prefers to be called ‘Olav’! Surprisingly, we had both made very daring choices in our outfits, so I thought this should be on the blog! So the question is, ‘how daring are you?’ Continue reading →

Second Valentine GiveAway

Lucia Musau

With Valentine just around the corner, I would like to announce the second valentine giveaway. Last week it was for bloggers, this week it’s for my readers and guess what? It’s another phone! My lovely friends at Jumia have given me a brand new Infinix X507 just for you my readers. In case you are wondering, ‘what is Infinix X507?’   Continue reading →

Happy New Year

Lucia Musau

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday break and you’ve started your 2015 well! This marks my first post in 2015, having taken a break earlier on in December. It feels nice to be back on my desk and back on the blog. Like many of you, I’m excited for the new year; 2014 was great a year but I would like to believe that was just a warm up. The best is yet to come! So Continue reading →

Just Try

Lucia Musau

You know how it is when you introduce a young kid to a jar of Nutella or Honey?  That’s me right there with my maxi’s and these strappy sandals, I just can’t seem to be able to put them aside lately. For a long time, I wondered ” how would I even look in a maxi dress?” The fact that I Continue reading →

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