Why you should date a Fashion girl

Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

So have been reading articles every where ‘why you should date a girl who reads’ or ‘ why you should date a girl who travels’ and so forth so now lets talk about dating a fashion girl and no, not me because I’m already taken. This is for my single fashion sisters out there!!!

If you ask me, you should date a fashion girl..here is why Continue reading →

What I wore: Colors and Patterns

Summer Brights
Happy Friday Everyone!!!

It’s that day of the week that you feel you should do “happy dance”…this week has been so and so…some ups and downs but again its kind of usual. Good thing I have been able to keep up with my yoga (meditation) and exercises, every morning with my 2 supporters i.e. Lucius(my son) & Kimmy (my dog). So the normal schedule is I get up, browse a bit of Instagram find out what happened when I was asleep, after which I then proceed to do my exercises. Continue reading →

What to wear as an event planner


Someone recently asked me what I wear as an event planner on the actual day of the event so I thought I should do a blog post about it. Every event is always different and of course the dressing code is highly determined by what sort of an event it is. As the planner, I try to work around the theme so as no to be too noticeable as I pace around. So with this recent event the corporate colors were Royal blue and white so I opted for a baby blue dress no hand bag just an ipad and a phone since that’s all I needed to get through the evening Continue reading →

Back to work: A Peplum affair

Happy New Year!


I can’t believe its 2013 already, nowadays time seems to go so fast that I can’t even explain, back in the days when I was young I would wait for so long to get to Christmas..today before I know it its a New Year! I guess its part of growing up..anyhow I have a good feeling about 2013 and I intend to make the best of it. Continue reading →

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