Challenge: Scandal Inspired

Lucia Musau

It has been awhile since I participated in the monthly  bloggers challenge, so when I got a reminder that it was my turn to come up with a challenge I had completely forgotten. So I thought, ‘how do I even reply this? ‘Is this where I come clean and apologize or do I just reply ‘it’s handled’…and right there and then I found the challenge…’it’s handled’…I thought Continue reading →

Spa Time

Lucia Musau

When did you last spend some quality time on yourself? Years ago when I started working, I made a promise to myself that at the end of each month I would be giving myself a ‘treat’. At the end of each month, I would select one restaurant and indulge in one of those delicacies I couldn’t afford every other day.  I found it very rewarding! As I grew older I changed to several other things.  To date, this tradition lives on and instead of monthly I’m now able to do bi-monthly. I have also changed from food to other things which I find more rewarding like, Continue reading →

Bloggers Valentine Giveaway

Lucia Musau

Today I would like to announce my first ever blogger’s giveaway, a giveaway specifically for bloggers! Many of you will ask, why bloggers? But then why not bloggers? You might remember a post I made few months ago ‘where I started‘….after that post I got to hear from several bloggers who were able to relate. The other day as I was going through the comments and mails I felt that maybe I don’t do enough, I rarely go through all the bloggers links left on the site or on mail and I wondered what can I do for a fellow blogger? Continue reading →

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