City Motions


There is something about city streets that’s to love and especially when they are not busy! I dont know whether it’s the towering buildings, amazing skylines that make you feel like Continue reading →

Passionately Curious

Lucia Musau

This one is for the dreamers, the doers, the go-getters, the passionately curious, those who choose to step forward in the direction of their dreams with no apologies. They know where they need to go, they might not know exactly how but they are heading there anyway anyhow! That’s where the story of this dress starts, Continue reading →

Euro Sights & Sounds

Lucia Musau
Happy New Year!

The beauty of New Years’ is the fresh beginnings, new chances to do it better and whereas most people complain about January; I always choose to look at the brighter side. I look at all the great opportunities ahead and what a great blessing it is be part of it all. I don’t just have resolutions, I set goals with timelines and come up with laid down strategies on how to achieve them. Together with my close friends we take time to brain storm on our laid down agendas and most importantly we commit them all to God. What I am trying to tell is, “You were Continue reading →

Season Givings

Lucia Musau

Don’t you just love this season? Since I was a small baby, Christmas holidays have always been something to look forward to! As a baby I got excited for the travels, family visits and the presents. Today, I get excited not by only receiving but also giving and that’s what I’m about to do. I have always wanted to do a giveaway where all my readers can get something without having to do anything. So Continue reading →

#AskLucia: Virgin waves

Lucia Musau
Can we just talk about hair today? I don’t know how many times have been asked about my hair this year! I think the hair question ranks in the top 3 most asked questions on my blog whether it’s about, where I get my hair who does it, what styling etc etc So allow me to Continue reading →

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