What to wear as an event planner


Someone recently asked me what I wear as an event planner on the actual day of the event so I thought I should do a blog post about it. Every event is always different and of course the dressing code is highly determined by what sort of an event it is. As the planner, I try to work around the theme so as no to be too noticeable as I pace around. So with this recent event the corporate colors were Royal blue and white so I opted for a baby blue dress no hand bag just an ipad and a phone since that’s all I needed to get through the evening Continue reading →

What I wore: Kente shorts suit

Good afternoon lovelies,

Been awhile since I last blogged, got caught up in work but at least have been posting on my Facebook page.   So today for my come back I am wearing my kente suit…a few days ago I got a rather rude shock that rains are almost near in Nairobi, being from Mombasa I thought once the sun starts shining in end October it doesn’t stop till the end of the year but apparently in Nairobi its a rainy holiday season (that explains why everyone goes to the Coast). I had already put away all my cold weather clothing and removed my Mombasa wardrobe…but I guess I was rather too fast so here I am trying to enjoy my last bits of sun before we go back to the rainy and cold season… Continue reading →

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