Mellow Yellow


Lucia Musau

Let’s put our hands together and welcome my not so little mellow yellow skirt, the latest addition to my rainbow closet! True to my surname my love for colors goes on and when someone tells me I should wear less color all I want to do is Continue reading →

Being a Mother: Giveaway

Lucia Musau

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s day with many of us flooding our social media platforms with fancy quotes and messages showing appreciation for our mums. Whereas it was all very nice, I think we shouldn’t be waiting for special occasions to celebrate our mums! We should be continuously showing appreciation; surprise her, text, call, grab some dinner, do something!In view of this,

Continue reading →

Meet the in-laws


Lucia Musau

I think every woman should have a dress similar to what Winston Churchill once referred to in his speech “long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest” You might wonder ‘where exactly will I need to wear such a long dress?’  Allow me to ask you one thing, Continue reading →

When The Sun Was Shining

Kente shorts

When the sun was shining

My heart was glowing

My eyes were sparkling

When I laughed it came from deep within


Now I wake up and look for that little ray Continue reading →

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