City Motions


There is something about city streets that’s to love and especially when they are not busy! I dont know whether it’s the towering buildings, amazing skylines that make you feel like Continue reading →

Jumpsuit Affair

Lucia Musau

I am always in search of outfits in which I can easily transition from day to evening and thus my continued preference for jumpsuits. I got this one last week and it was love at first sight! I like the texture, the feel and the quality. Besides that, I love the way it can work for both office environment and casual feel depending  Continue reading →

Chilled out

Lucia Musau

First I would like to sincerely say thank you for the all your comments and wishes on the anniversary post on my Facebook , may all your wishes upon us be your portion as well. On to today’s post; as I had mentioned on another post, lately I’m crazy about jumpsuits. I just can’t seem to get enough! Maybe it’s Continue reading →

What to wear to an office function

kenyan fashion blogger; Lucia Musau

I really had a hard time choosing between this jumpsuit and a romper. Maybe that is due to the fact that ‘the Indian Ocean coast lives in me’ in as much as it has been almost a year since I left the Kenya’s coast,  the sun never stopped shining in me. So whenever I go shopping I find myself attracted to the things I’m more likely to wear in Mombasa than in Nairobi. But this time round, I opted for a change , this jumpsuit won me over. Immediately I tried it on, I knew where I would wear it : Continue reading →

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