Behind The Dress

Lucia Musau

Someone once asked me, “how did you get to become the way you are?” I think this is a very tough question, I believe I’m sum of all my experiences, decisions, actions both good and bad! There are things I could have done differently but looking back Continue reading →

Ignite The Spark Winner


In my last post, I talked about an event to which have been invited #IgniteTheSpark. Honestly,I had no clue what sort of an event it’s going to be, besides it being a red carpet and invite only. During the week I got an email shot written “the limo awaits”..I thought “oh well, are you guys for real?” So I just chose not to reply the mail because I wasn’t sure whether this was an open invitation or just letting me know of it. Today, I got in my office to find a card, the official invite. Since I was in a rush,I quickly dropped it in my handbag so I can read it later. So a few minutes ago I remembered I hadn’t gone through the card. When I reached for my handbag, there was a fresh fragrance, Continue reading →

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