Maxi Color Mix

Lucia Musau

As you will notice, up until my post titled  ‘what to wear on holiday’ I had never rocked a maxi on the blog; that’s because I only had 2 of them in my entire wardrobe.  But since I was taking a short break to the Coast I thought why not try something new and that’s how I ended up  with the maxi. With the sun, sand and  the beach in mind I opted for the lime green one and even though I wasn’t sure about Continue reading →

Floral party skirt

Party Skirts

Good Morning lovelies,

Like George Bernard Shaw said “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”.

When I was creating the campus look on my last post I found myself having so much fun, so I began wondering when did I lose this fun part of taking risks with my outfits, did I grow out of it or I just stop playing? So I thought I need to Continue reading →

Deacons Book Donation Campaign

Deacons campaign


With deacons book donation campaign, you can donate used or new school books to needy students. As a token of appreciation for one’s donation, Deacons will give a discount coupon to customers who donate books whose redemption value will be based on the Continue reading →

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