What to wear on holiday

Lucia Musau

Happy New Month!

When I was a young girl, waiting for Christmas used to feel like a century maybe it’s because I was excited about what came with Christmas; the holiday trips, new clothes and a conclusion of a year in class were among the things I looked forward to . Nowadays, the year seems way shorter; I can’t help but feel like days are just rushing. I mean, can you Continue reading →

Hello August!!


Lucia Musau

Hello lovelies,

After taking a break from the blog last week, I’m back with brights! I’m excited about this new month, that explains my choice for going bright! Don’t ask me why I’m excited, at least not yet; I’m being optimistic and thanking God for all good things that are about to happen, can I get an Amen? So to start us off this month I chose to go with Continue reading →

Ignite The Spark

Kenyan Fashionado

A few weeks ago I made a post on easy look, on those days when you don’t feel like dressing up but suddenly you have a change of plan on where you were heading along the way. This should be another of those looks, maybe its because lately I’m having a crazy work schedule so by the end of the week I’m just too mentally exhausted to even dress up. That’s when you appreciate the power of a good shoe, it kinda uplifts you or rather ignites the spark then suddenly you actually look like you were heading somewhere

Talking of which, I received an invite to an exclusive (invite only) red carpet event happening on Saturday and all it said was Continue reading →

Chica Paris Bags Giveaway

Kenyan Fashionado

Happy Social Media Day!

It is amazing what Social Media has done to our lives; imagine if there was no twitter, facebook, instagram, google + etc Think of the friends you would never have met or known and  even how long it would take you to get news were it not for social media. Now be glad you were born in the era of social media and join in celebrating social media day today #SMDAY. To celebrate this day, Chica Paris (a company which I would never have known were in not for social media) is giving you a clutch bag..handpicked  from the heart of Paris and Continue reading →

When The Sun Was Shining

Kente shorts

When the sun was shining

My heart was glowing

My eyes were sparkling

When I laughed it came from deep within


Now I wake up and look for that little ray Continue reading →

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