Mellow Yellow


Lucia Musau

Let’s put our hands together and welcome my not so little mellow yellow skirt, the latest addition to my rainbow closet! True to my surname my love for colors goes on and when someone tells me I should wear less color all I want to do is Continue reading →

Which door appeals to you most


Personality Test

Just for fun: If you had to walk through one of the doors above which one would you pick? Please select the door which is most appealing to you. The door you select may reveal a few things about your personality  I found this test on World Class Seminars blog and decided to share it with my readers on my facebook and Instagram . Since the results of the test were too long I decided to post them up here. If you haven’t seen the posts already, please select the door which is the most appealing to you first. Once you have selected continue reading to find out the results… Continue reading →

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