#AskLucia: Virgin waves

Lucia Musau
Can we just talk about hair today? I don’t know how many times have been asked about my hair this year! I think the hair question ranks in the top 3 most asked questions on my blog whether it’s about, where I get my hair who does it, what styling etc etc So allow me to Continue reading →

#AskLucia -Dating a shorter guy

Lucia Musau

Happy Friday!

Today we are going back to #AskLucia and first I would like to apologize to all those who have send questions which I haven’t been able to address yet. Kindly bear with me, I’m working on that. So to start us off, here is a question from one of my readers… Continue reading →

#AskLucia – Where to shop

Lucia Musau

Happy End Month!

On normal occasions I would say happy Friday but I think most of us are glad that January has come to an end, so today I will go with ‘Happy End Month!’. As we conclude this month, I would like to launch a new category on my blog. This category will be called #AskLucia and basically Continue reading →

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