Travel Review: Voyager Beach Resort

Lucia Musau

There are some pieces you wear and it’s almost like they were meant for you! While at times it could be about how you look, to me it’s always about how they make me feel! I wore this ensemble from Silk Dreams in Mombasa during my stay at the Voyager Beach Resort and Continue reading →

Baby Showers

Lucia Musau

Is it just me or is this season full of baby showers?  So we have those who have been invited for the baby shower and then we have got the mums to be. Every time I’m invited for a baby shower the question is always the same; “What should I get for her or him?” On the other end as a Continue reading →

Spa Time

Lucia Musau

When did you last spend some quality time on yourself? Years ago when I started working, I made a promise to myself that at the end of each month I would be giving myself a ‘treat’. At the end of each month, I would select one restaurant and indulge in one of those delicacies I couldn’t afford every other day.  I found it very rewarding! As I grew older I changed to several other things.  To date, this tradition lives on and instead of monthly I’m now able to do bi-monthly. I have also changed from food to other things which I find more rewarding like, Continue reading →

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