#GloUpWithCX – Phone Giveaway


As you might already know, Tecno Mobile has just launched a new smart phone, the Camon CX! Designed specifically for young, independent smartphone users this phone for sure has the best selfie camera so far. This smartphone uses a smart image sensor composed of 16 mega pixel sensors in the front camera, Continue reading →

#AskLucia: Virgin waves

Lucia Musau
Can we just talk about hair today? I don’t know how many times have been asked about my hair this year! I think the hair question ranks in the top 3 most asked questions on my blog whether it’s about, where I get my hair who does it, what styling etc etc So allow me to Continue reading →

Spa Time

Lucia Musau

When did you last spend some quality time on yourself? Years ago when I started working, I made a promise to myself that at the end of each month I would be giving myself a ‘treat’. At the end of each month, I would select one restaurant and indulge in one of those delicacies I couldn’t afford every other day.  I found it very rewarding! As I grew older I changed to several other things.  To date, this tradition lives on and instead of monthly I’m now able to do bi-monthly. I have also changed from food to other things which I find more rewarding like, Continue reading →

What to wear on holiday

Lucia Musau

Happy New Month!

When I was a young girl, waiting for Christmas used to feel like a century maybe it’s because I was excited about what came with Christmas; the holiday trips, new clothes and a conclusion of a year in class were among the things I looked forward to . Nowadays, the year seems way shorter; I can’t help but feel like days are just rushing. I mean, can you Continue reading →

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