How to wear Bata Atletico – Millennial Pink

Bata Atletico

If I told you these shoes are from Bata Kenya, would you believe me? So every time I wear Bata Shoes there is always that one person who will ask, “are you sure they are from Bata?”So today I’m going to talk about some shoes I saw last weekend at Muindi Mbingu even before I get to wear them! They are pink but not your usual pink, they are “millennial pink”. Yes, we started from just pink, we went to blush, then to rose gold now we are at Millennial pink and guess what? Bata Atletico comes in Millennial pink besides of course other colors but I thought let’s start with the ones I’m about to rock

Bata Atletico

Credits: Viva Luxury



Will you be trying the Bata Atletico in Pink or will you pass?



  1. Dalene says:

    I will for sure try them. I love the millenial pink color, it’s very subtle yet cute. I’m sure these are very comfortable and durable! Way to go with bata!

  2. Mariah Kim says:

    I definitely would rock in this,lovely, unique and I soo love the color,one thing I know about shoes from bata quality isn’t compromised so assured of the comfort.

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