Lucia Musau

Life is about choices; As I look at my life today and where I am, everything is a sum total of all my choices. So today I have decided to repost this piece which I had posted earlier on my Facebook about making a simple choice to shut your mouth

“Going to buy a house? Shut your mouth.
Going to buy a car? Shut your mouth.
Are you getting married? Shut your mouth.
Going on a trip? Shut your mouth.
Going to do courses or college? Shut your mouth.
Was promoted at work?? Shut your mouth.
99 % of the time the reason that our dreams/visions don’t come true when they are supposed to is because we open our mouth too soon to the wrong people at the wrong time, we were wrong to share our projects with people who claim to be “friends”.  The envy and the low key jealousy is enough for people to feed off and tear down what COULD HAVE BEEN before it evens happens so… Close your mouth and let “God” work everything out at the right time and on time!
The majority of your “friends”, want to see you well, but never better than them. Just to warn you! Even family members can have a hidden envy but they can’t stop what God has for you!”

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Lucia Musau

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  1. Nyokabi says:

    I agree with this. No-one likes it when someone does it better than them. Family knos what you are capable of. They have seen you grow up and excel as a child. People easily ruin a good thing by talking about it. I know it from experience.

    and btw, You look absolutely stunning Lucia.

  2. divageneral says:

    I totally agree that many of us dont fulfill our dream because many of times we choose the wrong person in the wrong time. Besides their we also dont believe in our self, one failure and we stop.

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