#GloUpWithCX – Phone Giveaway


As you might already know, Tecno Mobile has just launched a new smart phone, the Camon CX! Designed specifically for young, independent smartphone users this phone for sure has the best selfie camera so far. This smartphone uses a smart image sensor composed of 16 mega pixel sensors in the front camera, coupled with unique ‘4 in 1’ technology. Each pixel sensor detects light, captures individual images and converts the information into signals before forming the final image, resulting in selfies that are 30 per cent brighter, capturing special moments perfectly. Why am I telling you all this? Because I think you deserve a Camon CX and I have one to give away!

The question is: How do you GloUp? Speaking from experience, the hustle and bustle of the city can be too much at times! Especially when you forget to have some “me time” Whereas Tecno Mobile has come up with the best Selfie Camera to help you Glo Up irrespective of how you feel, I would like to know: How do you #GloUp? It can be in terms of your lifestyle, make up, dressing, even getting your car or pimped up or like me sipping a glass of champagne..we all glow up differently!

To win a new Tecno Camon CX all you have to do is: post a photo on Instagram showing how you glow up #GloUpWithCX and tag me @luciamusau This competition will be running for 3 weeks so you have enough time to showcase your “GloUp” moments in different ways! Be sure to tag/share this with someone who needs a new phone!

Meanwhile enjoy some photos from my True Love shoot with Eddie Kirindo

Hair: Jayne +254 722 833465

Pants: LC Waikiki

Shoes: Backyard Shoes

Shoot Location: Muthaiga Golf Club

Photography: Abraham Ali



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  1. Ninah Kiveu says:

    Lucia haki me I’m indeed of a new one.this sumsamg phone is totally done it charges itself it chooses contacts and calls them it shares my pics without my authority its been driving me crazy

  2. Brendaanne Aurora says:

    #GloUpWithCX Lucia l desparate need a phone not a phone Tecno CX l lost my phone in early January, since then l haven’t been taking pictures and if l take l have to borrow a phone to take selfies and edit them because of the poor megapixel, l tag myself nataka hio phone Lucia i tag myself ##Brendaanne Aurora

  3. Lilly Kamau says:

    i nominate myself #lillykamau..i have had phone for ages…i always say i will upgrade but with learning it squeezes every little penny..techno is the in thing i need to upgrade too and get to google n have awesome pic s to post

  4. Sophie Lagat says:

    Chrissie Chep clearly needs a new phone the screen is thoroughly cracked and chipped it lost all sensitivity and to make it worse its ear piece doesn’t work at all… She misses taking selfies so bad due to the front cam not working . she deserves a camon CX with it’s wide angle selfies and 16mp camera its a great bargain and upgrade..

  5. Shi Mercy says:

    Lucia gurrl,I can’t instagram with this old phone I’m using though, my techno was stolen over the weekend ,Gurrll hook a girl up!
    And that Royal Blue dress is everything:)
    Can’t wait for that call,lol

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