Lady Jaydee:African Queen Of R&B

DSC_0303Judith Wambura Mbibo aka Lady Jaydee is no stranger to the scene, as she has thousands of accolades to her name, and

has managed to maintain her high standards in the society as a musical icon and individual.

She has toured countless times around Africa and beyond,but has always stuck to her Tanzanian roots.She is currently in the country to promote her brand new album,as well as perform at the upcoming Koroga Festival this weekend.I caught up with her in her busy schedule to find out what she’s all about and here is what she had to say:

What does the song ‘Ndi Ndi Ndi’ mean and talk about?

The message is very clear in this song that I’m moving on in life.

Why did you suddenly relocate to Germany?

It’s not true.

What keeps you looking so radiant?

I eat healthy food,drink alot of water,sleep for so many hours, I exercise once in a while and I sing alot.

How has your divorce from your ex-husband plus splitting from Spicy impacted or affected your music career?

Nothing has affected me and my music.

Why do people call you Binti Machozi,Komando, Anaconda, Sister Of The Nation, Queen of R&B and Iron Lady?

I am no longer ‘Binti Machozi’ because I’m not crying.People can call me everything else.

Are you still a brand ambassador for Oriflame and Marie Stopes?How has it been working with them?

I’m not on contract with them anymore.

Who comes up with the concepts for your music videos plus your outfits?

I normally discuss them with my director and then he adds his ideas to them.

What stands out for you each time you come to Kenya and why?

The weather is just lovely.

Do you have a new album/tour which you have been working on?

Yes I do and I’m releasing it on 31st March in Dar Es Salaam.It has twelve tracks including one I’ve done with H_art The Band from Kenya called ‘Roselle’.The video will be out by next week before I go on tour.I hope to do more shows in Kenya.

What are your expectations for Koroga Festival?

A cheerful crowd.

You have been termed as one of Africa’s richest artists. How does it make you feel?

It feels good to be rich.

What charity campaigns do you run back home in Tanzania?

I started the ‘Binti Foundation’ to nurture young talent, provide education, support orphans and so on.

Should we expect to see any collaborations with Kenyan Artists and International Artists?

Yes as I’ve worked with Dj Maphorisa,Hamoba,Mazed and Nara Yey.

Any advice to fans and fellow East African musicians?

Thank you for the support.

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