Bata Insolia:Walk Further Walk Taller


Bata has been the number one leading shoe brand for so many years, and has remained loyal to its roots, always giving shoppers value for their money. Providing a full range of shoes from sneakers, sandals, pata pata slippers, wedgies, heels, crocs and so on. Today, they launched the new ‘Insolia Collection’ at the Bata Retail Store in the CBD on Muindi Mbingu Street at a very colourful ceremony, that saw several bloggers, members of the fourth estate and distinguished guests converge to witness history being revolutionized.

The Guest of Honour was Caroline Mutoko who spoke about the history of heels dated back to the Medieval Period(19th Century),where men used to wear heels starting with the Aristocrats and Louis XIV(who wore heels for being short).Women were later influenced to start wearing heels in 1740 as painful as it is, but it was very fashionable those days uptil now.

She went on to say ‘Don’t wear Trends wear Elegance because 80% supports your weight and high heels are supposed to lift a woman’s confidence’. The President of Bata Africa-Alberto Erico then went 0n to speak about the future of Bata for Africans especially Kenyans living in Nairobi who have a habit of shopping abroad for shoes when they can get them locally for affordable prices, these shoes can be worn or all kinds of occasions and with the new technology ‘Insolia’,there is no extra costs, no taxing or hiking of shoe pries plus there are 140 Bata stores all over Kenya which will cater to everyone’s taste be it colour,style,occassional shoes and so on. If you are a lady plus you want to look and feel good, these new Insolia shoes support 50% weight balance, they make you look taller, they reduce forefoot pressure, they also improve posture and balance(giving you a straight backbone) because without insolia you end up with a curved backbone(hunchback). Guests were treated to a cake cutting ceremony which was led by Caroline Mutoko as they mingled and networked over bitings and drinks that were provided by the Bata Management team as they left at their own leisure. You guys should go grab yourself a pair of shoes, as they are out of this world.  Enjoy some photos from the event…

IMG_2092 IMG_2115 IMG_2107

Caroline Mutoko & the President of Bata Africa


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