Celebrating International Women’s Day

Lucia Musau

Women are the epitome of our society, women mould us into the human beings we are today, women are our source of well-being, they can make us or break us, women are a powerful force to reckon with. What would this world be without women, they are our mothers, sisters, cousins, doctors, nurses, grandmothers, aunties, workmates, bosses, friends and are the backbone or glue that holds our families together. They put smiles on our faces, they work so hard just to ensure that everyone is happy and they know the true meaning of sacrificing their time and efforts at the expense of their own.

Today is International Women’s Day and I thought we could just mention some of the women who have paved the way for most of us to be successful women in the society. The likes of Wangari Maathai who was a political environmental activist and a Nobel Laurette, Michelle Obama for being a voice for the women and being the best first lady the world has ever had and many others

Women empower us to envision our lives in a very deep perspective, they know what to do in a crisis and always give assurance that things will get better. We must learn to love, appreciate and nurture our love for all the women in our lives, as they are a very rare yet special breed. Show respect to all women today and know that the word woman is the most used word in the world as there have been cases where women are looked down upon and abused for just being who they are. We need to rise above that stereotype and know that they need to be supported on a daily basis.

Here’s to women helping other women, to women putting their families first, to women cheering other’s on, to women striving to be better than they were yesterday…look around you if you don’t see such a woman be One! Happy International Women’s Day!

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Lucia Musau Lucia MusauLucia Musau Lucia Musau

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  1. Wayne Darbison says:

    sis no matter what always look at yourself as beautiful and bless, because no one else will, specially when you are beautiful and if you have money, people will always speak bad about you, even the smallest things, But look at yourself as flawless and Gods prefect creation, that’s who you are, Yes sis God never made a mistake with you, lov that outfit can you send it to me,,, lol

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