Family Ties and Settling Disputes

Lucia Musau

Families Families Families…what would we do without our families?

We love them, we hate them, we loathe them, we envy them, we need them, and they are a part of our every being. Anything and everything we do and say can either affect or impact our families in one way or another. Some people were born into the best and most loving families, while others are not happy with their families. The definition or true meaning of a family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family.

Now, when it comes to disputes amongst family members it could  be over money, land, property, wealth, a spouse/boyfriend, a job and so on. You can either sit as a family to discuss such sensitive matters or go to court if it gets too intense or simply just remain silent and let it slide as if it never happened.

Families normally have all kinds of characters, there are those who are very silent and never contribute to anything, there are others who are super loud and very active, others are neutral factors and are quite optimistic about how things are done while others are least bothered with family matters.

If you come from a single parent setting then you may have a few issues opening up to people socially, while others from big families feel loved and appreciated, but it also depends on how and where you grew up. You can be close to your parents and or siblings or you can be in competition with them at your every beck and call.

For example, one person in the family may be doing strange things that may embarrass the family, especially if their parents are very prominently known, and can be shunned by society or kicked out of home for putting the family name at risk. One thing is, no matter how your family is, remember it’s a great privilege to have someone you call family. There are many people out there who can only wish for that one person! Let’s at least try  to get along and settle our family disputes like civil and mature people.

Thank you for reading and stay blessed!

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