Keep Moving

Lucia Musau

Do you remember when you were learning to ride a bicycle? When I was learning to ride, everytime I thought I was about to fall I would stop and step on the ground. So this guy who had been watching me, came closer and told me,

“the thing is, you already know how to cycle the problem is you are spending too much time worrying about falling. The secret is, even if you feel like you are about to fall dont stop keep moving”…so I got on the bicycle and kept moving. From that day on, I just get on my bike and keep moving! It’s the same way with life in general…if at any given time you feel you are going to fall you stop, You will wil never succeed…the secret is to keep moving!

If you have followed me long enough you will realise that I wrote this awhile back but tonight I needed to hear it for myself. I thought maybe someone else is also having one of those days and they just want to hear “keep moving” So here I am, telling you to keep moving as I tell myself the same!

Skirt, top and waterfall: Floclaire +254 728 122252

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

Shoot Location: Maison Royale

Thanks for reading & enjoy the rest of the photos

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  1. Eunice makuthu says:

    U look nice Lucia the fact is u inspire me a lot each time I see any post i make sure have read it again and again it’s a privilege to have u Lucia. .. u make me wake up with determination of moving on and on to make my self a better person tomorrow

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  3. RoseThorne says:

    Drop-dead gorgeous!!
    What I found quite elevating is the fact that this post was uplifting yet the outfit slayed as well. Killed both birds.
    Ni muvea, I needed to hear this. Something happened with my dream internship and since then I have stopped. Terrified of trying again and failing so hard.
    But it’s time to get back on the saddle/bike and keep moving.

    Never stop, dear.

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