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Lucia Musau

Someone once asked me, “how did you get to become the way you are?” I think this is a very tough question, I believe I’m sum of all my experiences, decisions, actions both good and bad! There are things I could have done differently but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing, because all my experiences have shaped me to be person I am today!  Have already shared a lot about my personal experiences, so tonight allow me to share the story behind this particular dress. A story of a young girl who once sold fish baits and fishing lines; today this young girl is a grown lady and she is the CEO of Urbano Gallery. She prides herself in bringing in the country some of the best gowns from all over the world, like the one I’m wearing today!

As a young girl, Khadija saw her mother endure racial discrimination from the family she was married into. She watched her suffer in the hands of an irresponsible and abusive father who eventually left when she was 9. From that day on, she made a vow that she shall not love through that pain and her main focus since then became putting a smile on her mother’s face. She worked hard through primary and managed to get in one best schools at the Coast, all along her driving force was to see her mother smile and good performance in school made her smile! She emerged one of the best students in high school and as much as she wanted to do Law, she couldn’t afford so she did Business Management where she still got a distinction! She has been a waitress, sold fish baits and fish lines, sold insurance on commission, sold computer accessories and one thing is, she has never looked back and every opportunity has been a learning experience to get where she is. Today she holds a top position in one of the largest logistics companies and besides that she is the CEO and Founder of Urbano Gallery! Next time you find yourself wearing a piece from Urbano remember the story behind the dress! A story of hope, resilience, determination; the very things I hold dear! Thank you Khadija for agreeing to share your story! Be Motivated!!

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PS I wore this same dress on the video shoot for Tecno Mobile (accompanied by Vonette and Olav) you can see it here and find out how you can win yourself the latest Tecno Boom J8. More photos featuring Vonette included…

Gowns from: Urbano Gallery

Shoes from: Backyard Shoes

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Enjoy the video and the rest of the photos…

Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

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  1. Faith says:

    Hi Lucia ,you looking stunning. How can I get that pink gown and for how much, I am in S.A and want size 30 #teamslenderish

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