Lucia Musau

Part of growing up is accepting change! When I look back, there are things which meant so much to me a few years ago which today mean nothing at all; the way I looked at things back then is not the same way I look at them today. This applies to my style! Few minutes ago, as I started uploading these photos; I paused for a minute and just went through my older posts. Where I started to where I am today, I found myself laughing; shaking my head, wondering what I was thinking when I wore some things and as I continued up to today’s post I found myself appreciating the fact that have come of age. Turns out, growing older is not a bad thing after all and like Maya Angelou once said, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

This is 2nd look on my corporate series, if you didn’t get to see the first outfit. You can check it out on my Instagram (@luciamusau). This series aims to connect with the modern confident woman and to the younger girls if success is your goal start dressing the part. Here is some inspiration for you, make sure you take it with you to the next meeting…

Shirt: Flo-Claire +254 728 122252

Skirt: Flo-Claire +254 728 122252

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

Hair: Jael +254 722 113562

Photography: Kev

Enjoy the photos…

Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau

Thanks for reading x


  1. Wambui Wachira says:

    I swear you are talking to me i was holding on to love that was never meant to be it was the worst time of my life i never thought i would move on i felt so much bitterness and alot of betray but i prayed to God to help me let go and here iam happy again just let go people move on and be happy.Keep writing i love your articles

  2. RoseThorne says:

    Well said. Growth comes with change. It is a whole process, from how we think, act, behave and eventually translates to how we dress.
    Great post.

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