#AskLucia: Virgin waves

Lucia Musau
Can we just talk about hair today? I don’t know how many times have been asked about my hair this year! I think the hair question ranks in the top 3 most asked questions on my blog whether it’s about, where I get my hair who does it, what styling etc etc So allow me to give you a brief intro about the hair you are seeing right here! This is virgin Indian hair from Virgin waves Chennai India a nice protective styling for those of us who don’t want to spoil our natural hair in this rain. I am wearing 2 bundles of 18″, 16″ and a closure of 14″. I have had it for quite awhile now and as much as have come to really love it, few weeks ago I was struggling. Have you ever heard someone say ‘you can have the most amazing car but as long as you don’t know how to use it’s pretty much useless ?’

So when I got the hair I was looking for volume and being all visionary I bought a ‘volumizing’ spray..big mistake! The spray has lots of oil so whereas I would get all volume after applying, my hair would be almost flat the end of the day. After a week of using it my hair was completely oily and no natural volume at all so I started curling and flat ironing everyday, what a hustle! By the second week I was completely tired and I just couldn’t wait to remove it. But then it so happened that I went for a swim so I was forced to wash the hair before I could remove and guess what? I got the volume right back! Immediately after washing I got the natural curls right back! Turns out if you like the volume, all you need to do is avoid all sorts of oil and you are good to go.

If you go on my Instagram  there is a photo in a purple dress that’s the hair when it’s oily and the photos here it’s the same hair after washing(and brushing sorry), the photos right at the bottom is the same hair after several sprays of Diamond spray. I dunno what you prefer but if you like volume you may want to keep off oil/oily sprays and if you like neat polished look just use the Diamond spray. As for me, since its almost festive season I’m going bulky so no oil.

PS next week I will dye it to brown be sure to follow me on Instagram @LuciaMusau and see how that turns out and one more thing if you want to keep the natural curls after washing use a wide comb or your fingers otherwise you will straighten the curls.

Final Verdict: I love the hair and I think it will be my holiday hair this year. PS If you want to get the authentic Virgin hair Indian hair call  Edith +254 771 289482/ Venkatesh +91 89396 00444

About the outfit: I’m going back in time with high waist jeans

Jeans: Vonette Boutique +254 723 049908

Shoes: Backyard Shoez +254 720 596844

Top: Custom made by an upcoming designer Kev  +254 720 824004

Photography: Kevin

Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia MusauLucia Musau

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  1. Catherine Wangari says:

    Moroccan hair oil works wonders.. Nothing else!!. At night just braid it and you are good to go in the morning!!.. Refrain from brushing.. Just a wide tooth comb only if necessary otherwise your fingers will do the trick!!..

  2. Sheila moraa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing on the experience…had called the place to make enquiries on how to achieve your look with the same type of human hair and the post has made it much easier.

  3. wagathu wagathu says:

    Love the hair. You look great gal. I must say your posts hv inspired me alot. Am stirred up to rise n shine. Thanks girl.

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