Lucia Musau

Happy ‘MonFriday’ to all Kenyans and happy Monday to rest of the world! Before you ask me what’s a ‘MonFriday’ the urban dictionary describes this as a day that feels like a Monday, due to having just come back from a day off or a weekend, but also feels like a Friday because you have the following day off or a weekend. I personally prefer longer weekends to such scenarios since they tend to interrupt the week in some way! My outfit today is a ‘MonFriday’ literally, my top says it’s back to work my bottoms say let’s go back to the weekend! The real struggle of trying to stay on work mode after an involving weekend and yet containing the excitement of having just one more day of rest! At the end, I can only say it’s about creating a perfect balance! So here is how I am creating that balance literally with my distressed jeans and official top…

Bag: Trends Ltd +254 724 122743

Top: H&M

Jeans: Thrifted (Saeed could help +254 722 937488)

Shoes: Backyards Shoez

Phone: Tecno Phantom 5

Photography: Kevin

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Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau Lucia MusauLucia Musau


Lucia Musau

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