Lucia Musau

Today we are going back to the classic tales of whites! As you might already know, one of my fashion mantra’s is ‘less is more’ I like to believe that there is beauty in simplicity! So this is Continue reading →

Corporate Friendly

Lucia Musau

I’m always super excited to find corporate friendly ensembles as a matter of fact I can comfortably say I live for office wear. If your office is like mine where you can play around with colors and towards the end of the week you can also take it slightly easy when it comes to dressing, then dressing up for work can be quite fun! Earlier today, Continue reading →

Turning 3


The other day I celebrated my blog turning 3 and  before I could even post the photos from my party; we have yet another reason to celebrate! Today my Facebook page hit 50,000 followers a major milestone and on top of it I got nominated for the OLX SOMA Awards! Talk about double happiness, I’m deeply grateful for your continued support! So before we can proceed, Continue reading →

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