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Lucia Musau

Today I’m very excited! It has been exactly 3 years since I put up my first blog post up here and as I look back I can’t help but get emotional. When I started this blog it was basically to learn, explore, inspire and engage with my small group friends who were also fashion lovers. Here is my story….

How did I start and what was the thought process before the blog was up?

It was just a normal day in Mombasa and I had just gotten ready for work when my little sister walked into my house. She exclaimed, “OMG Lucia, have you been shopping?”
I told her, “No, not really! These are just my old pieces styled differently”
She told me “Wow, can I take a photo?” …and so we took a photo which then posted on my Facebook and as I sat there replying people who had inquired about these pieces I thought, “how interesting I should do this more often. Just take photos of what I’m wearing and simply show my friends how to play around with colors, textures, combine pieces and so forth. I would also take it as journey to explore my personal style and beyond.” The idea was exciting and so a dream was born!

I made a checklist of the things I needed to have; name of the blog, photography, content, what I would be showcasing, where I would get outfits (at this point from my wardrobe)

Everything went well and then it was time for the the photographer. I approached the only fashion photographer in Mombasa who was also my friend. After I had told him about my ‘big idea’ which I had come up with, he told me “may I very be honest with you? ”
I said “Yes”
He asked “How old are you?”
I said “I’m 26”
“..and you just got a baby not too long right? ”
“Now tell me, what makes you think that people want to see photos of mums? You are not that young any more! You are mum now and to be very honest; I don’t think anyone is interested in looking at that a 26 year old mum everyday no matter what clothes you wear. It’s just not attractive and besides do you know how many blogs are there? Millions around the globe. The probability of anyone noticing you is zero to none. So if I have to advise you, drop this, it’s not for you! You are wasting your time “

After that meeting, I went home and looked myself in my mirror for sure I was not 18 anymore and there was my baby. I was past the age of being a blogger and I was disappointed. So I wrapped all those ideas of starting a blog aside and decided, “too bad I missed on my time”

It took several months of self talk and a loving partner to realize, “it’s never too late to be whatever you want to be”

So yes I had to overcome a challenge to even start the blog, what did I learn?

*Don’t expect people to understand your journey, your vision! It’s not for them it’s yours!
*People will belittle you, you have to rise over and above it
*Cut yourself some slack, loose the dead weight and gain some altitude
*If they are not helping you become better, do better, grow, you don’t need them. Your friend’s presence in your life needs a purpose.
*Believe in yourself

So finally I started blogging, with no photographer. My little sister, my phone and failing point to shoot! So finally the blog was up!

What did I learn from this? Start where you are, how you are…don’t look for excuses I don’t have this..or this…just make do with what you have

So the blog was up, but then it was just hobby and I took it up when I had time. I didn’t have consistency, I would stay 3 weeks without posting or so and so it remained a hobby. No pressure; but then no pressure no gain!

When I came to Nairobi (2 yrs ago),  I started getting a bit serious! I posted more frequently, I also got a photographer (Gabriel) who back then was also learning as I was. Several months down the line things changed. We signed up our first major campaign on the blog!

What did I learn?

*Consistency and hard work pays
*Be committed
*Let your passion be the driver

Flash forward 2015

As at today I have 49,365 followers on Facebook, 17,040 followers on Instagram and over 5,816 followers on Twitter. Plus over 30 brands (international and regional) associated with my name

Makes me deeply happy to write down these numbers, because of you who is reading this…my dream lives on. We have proved wrong those who thought it can’t be done and we have motivated those who thought they can’t do it. It is for this reason, my mission continues to be “To Inspire, To challenge, To motivate one outfit at a time”

Lastly: My Mantra..Believe! Believe in yourself…Believe in God! Always remember Jeremiah 29:11. My advise to anyone who is starting up; Don’t chase the money, chase the dream. Chase the vision, when you become outstanding at what you do, you will get paid for it and the only way to become outstanding is to have a massive passion!!

Thank you to everyone who has stood by me for the last 3 years. A special thank you to my family. I love you all!

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Enjoy the photos: Dress from Fashion Loft +254 703 879810/ +254 704 053509, Shoes from Backyard Shoez, Photos by Paul, Shoot Location Zen Garden . Don’t  forget to join me on Instagram @LuciaMusau and Facebook here

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau

Thank you for reading!


  1. Natasha Ahere says:

    Happy Anniversary Lucia, so glad you didn’t listen to that photographer and went for your dream. I for one love looking at the mum photos. And your story is quite inspiring! And you’re right about passion, it’s what keeps me going especially on those days I just feel like giving up. Wishing you all the best as you continue on this journey.

  2. Meron Dymphana says:

    Happy Anniversary to your blog Lucia. I cannot wait for my blog to grow like yours as am only 2 months old into blogging and I have been facing the same challenges#our dreams are valid.

  3. Linet Nkirote says:

    What? Starting out is never easy but those words were too harsh. I for one love seeing your son’s pictures on the blog and whining on IG whenever you chop his beautiful curls…he is too adorable and so is your style and journey.
    Thank you for sharing this story Lucia, it’s very inspiring.

    Happy Anniversary Lucia, to many more years of style, inspiration and growth.

    And yes, that dress is too fly…perfect for the celebration. Clearly, it had you in a very good mood. For me it’s the vibrant color.

  4. Catherine Njenga says:

    Check you out Lucia. I have been following you on Facebook. Can I share your blog on my fb page @say no to domestic violence? I raise awareness on domestic violence hoping to empower and equipment women. Cheers gal for sure you are an inspiration.

  5. Lewis Nyachiro says:

    I love everything you do. You are a good example to the society… i love your fassion staff. Despite the situation i am in.. i would love to get to your standards. And i know i wilk get there. You inspire me a lot Lucia. Good work..

  6. karen says:

    wow this is such an inspiring story lucia am so proud of you and i feel really inspired. i have always wanted to start a fashion blog and because of sharing such a story am going to make my dream come true thanks so much for inspiring me and happy anniversary

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