Camel Friday

Lucia Musau

I remember when the cold season was starting and I said that I was going to be leaning towards burgundy and camel, I guess we can all agree that I have exhaustively rocked these colors over and over. From this, followed by this and now here we are. As we come to an end of the month which I also hope it’s the end of the cold season I’m looking forward to try out more fun colors. Who knows what August will bring? One thing is for sure, I intend to have lots of fun in this coming month…more colors…more textures…pretty much more everything. Maybe we shall call it the exploration month. In the mean time, allow me to end July in this simple camel high neck body-con from Tru-Lush. This is a Friday evening kinda look for those of us who don’t mind keeping it short and simple.

PS In case you would like to see me try out something in the coming month…don’t forget to leave your suggestion…

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Lucia Musau

Thanks for reading!

Dress from: Tru-lush +254 718 750711

Shoes and Clutch from: Tausi Creations

Photography: Gabriel




  1. Debbie Wesoi says:

    I love how you dress but would prefer seeing you in a knee length outfit for once. The dresses you wear are abit unrelatable for me because I find them too short for comfort. So for those of us who like your style but prefer knee length skirts, you mind doing a post on that?

  2. lucy says:

    Luc I love ur style, mwah! im suggesting an old skul hot look, I have an upcoming end yr work party n da theme is “old skul “plz help ….

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