Baby Showers

Lucia Musau

Is it just me or is this season full of baby showers? ┬áSo we have those who have been invited for the baby shower and then we have got the mums to be. Every time I’m invited for a baby shower the question is always the same; “What should I get for her or him?” On the other end as a Continue reading →

Breaking Silence

Lucia Musau

After taking a rather long break, I’m pleased to be back on the blog! I had the intention of blogging during my holiday but I guess we can all agree that’s tough call. On one side you have cocktails, the beach, pool, the sand and then there is a laptop on the other side; if I may ask what will you Continue reading →

Lines of Style

Lucia Musau

I was going to say I have a thing for Aqua till I realized that have probably been saying that for every color; but again, it’s no secret that I love colors! I remember back when I was preparing for my wedding and someone asked, “so what colors are you going for?”and my first thought was, ‘can we have a rainbow?’ Continue reading →

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