Striking Matches

Lucia Musau

With schools closed, have got my house pretty full and so I decided to pose the question to my boys ‘who wants to be on the blog with me?’ surprisingly it looks like my boys are finally beginning to warm up to the blog. Of course it didn’t come unconditionally, we could Continue reading →

Days off

Lucia Musau

When is your day off and how do you dress on such days? Like Alexander Wang once said “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” From Monday to Friday, have got my game face on and if you meet me at some event I’m likely to be all about the glam but am I always like that? Continue reading →

Which door appeals to you most


Personality Test

Just for fun: If you had to walk through one of the doors above which one would you pick? Please select the door which is most appealing to you. The door you select may reveal a few things about your personality  I found this test on World Class Seminars blog and decided to share it with my readers on my facebook and Instagram . Since the results of the test were too long I decided to post them up here. If you haven’t seen the posts already, please select the door which is the most appealing to you first. Once you have selected continue reading to find out the results… Continue reading →

Hail The Coatigan

Lucia Musau

When I came in this city I use to dread the cold weather, I know ‘hate’ is a strong word but I really hated the cold. But then how exactly are you supposed to hate what you have to live with? At some point I had to come into terms with it. I looked for ways and things which could get me excited about the cold! It was a long search which required a lot of ‘self-talk’ but I can proudly say I found the one thing which makes me look forward to Continue reading →

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