Being a Mother: Giveaway

Lucia Musau

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s day with many of us flooding our social media platforms with fancy quotes and messages showing appreciation for our mums. Whereas it was all very nice, I think we shouldn’t be waiting for special occasions to celebrate our mums! We should be continuously showing appreciation; surprise her, text, call, grab some dinner, do something!In view of this,

Backyard Shoez and I would like to appreciate every mother who has continued to put her best foot forward no matter what situation! That foot deserves a good shoe (literally) and so we are giving away 2 gift vouchers for 2 mothers worth Ksh 4,500 each.

If you are a mother, all you have to do is comment below and tell us what being a mother has taught you and if you would like to win  some shoes for your mother tell us the one lesson she has taught you that will you never forget. This giveaway is only open to participants in Kenya and closes on Thursday!

On  today’s outfit, I wore this body-con dress from Tru-lush for my date on mother’s day and paired it some strappy heeled sandals from Backyard Shoez creating a simple yet date-ready look. To tone it down you can add a blazer of your preference

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Thanks for reading!

Dress from: Tru-lush

Shoes: Backyard Shoez

Blazer: Street wear Fashions

Photos by: James Kahoi


  1. LYDIA NDUHIU says:

    Being a mum has taught me how to let loose and not take life too seriously. My daughter makes me laugh and smile most of the time especially now that she is learning to how talk and the mispronounciation of words is soo funny.I have also learnt to be patient n control my temper. She can do the naughtiest things that just test my patience but when I look at her face with those big innocent eyes my anger melts. She is my Joy and I wouldn’t trade anything to be with her

  2. Loyce says:

    one word on that look lucia is…gorgeous!!!!.
    if there is anything that i was taught by my super dope mama and i always hold on to it is to never allow fear take me down no matter what…she believes as long as i put my mind into whatever i want and i believe i deserve it then i should go for it no matter what..this is one life lesson that keeps me moving each day…thanks to my mama always.she deserves these shoes

  3. Avril Kalungwah says:

    Being a mother comes in quite a handful of responsibilities especially for single mums.I’ve watched my mother literally do so much sacrifices so she can afford to send us to school,afford to cater for all our needs e.t.c.At times she’d walk on a single pair of shoes for almst a year so she can save up and make ends meet.I’d like to nominate her in this Mothers giveaway edition so she can feel appreciated.Through the journey we’ve undergone as a family being supported single handedly by a mother,i can point out some virtues i greatly admire,,Love,resilience and never giving up.When i grow up and finally have a family of my own,those three are a ‘must practise’.She has also taught us that respect must be shown to everyone despite their age,background and all.No.discrimination whatsoever.She’s my role model. :).

  4. Nicole says:

    First of all you are looking FABULOUS……..second I’d like to nominate my mother,Roselyne Sang for the giveaway …she has been the strongest pillar in my life being a mother and a father to me and my sibling…. the greatest lesson she has always taught is my worth! She constantly reminds that no matter what in this world I’m worth more than what money could buy! She usually tells me that everyday she is always on my team even if no one else is there! It is because of her that I have confidence and believe in myself everyday. Thanks to her …I am on the path leading to my success. I think she deserves the shoes…..don’t you? ☺

  5. Ivy says:

    My mum is the most awesome person i know. Of the many things she has taught me, the thing that i will never forget is about helping others. I learnt this not because she told me, but from observing her actions, how she takes an extra step to help out others and the sacrifices she makes for others. “What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others remains immortal”…my greatest lesson.

  6. sally says:

    Being a mum totally changed my life. Having a kid just after finishing school i had to sacrifice everything to ensure my baby gets a good life, it made me appreciate my mum more, you can never understand well why parents do what they do until you become one. I become more patient, more caring to everybody close to me and appreciative of everything. I find myself putting everyone’s needs before mine but the warmth, love, joys of being a mum are unexplainable and if i had a chance to do it again I would do it with no doubts. I even forget about myself but I love being a mom

  7. valerie chege says:

    My mother is a very special woman and she has endlessly repeated the importance of family! Growing up me and my sisters fought a lot but my mum always reminded us that no matter how many friends you get, your sister remains to be you’re sister ❤❤

  8. Diana Christine says:

    Being a mothee has taught me to be more responsible and manage my time better.I have to manage through classes and attachment and my 5 month old daughter.I find all strength just by looking at her smile,I have to work hard to provide for all her needs and be a good role model.

  9. Victoria says:

    I am a mother to a beautiful one year old. Before giving birth the word love was more of an idea or a thought but now it is a reality. Every waking moment is spent trying to please your baby, see her fed, changed and happy. I have learnt to selflessly give myself to her even when am sleepy, tired or even moody. The greatest lesson that my daughter has taught me and she continues to do so daily is love. How to love.

  10. victoria kariuki says:

    I am a mother to a beautiful 1year old girl. It has not been the easiest journey but it has been a blessed journey. The greatest lesson my daughter has taught me is Love more importantly how to love. Its in the little things i do for her that bring me the greatest joy. My days are longer and nights shorter but they are filled with hugs, kisses, smiles and lots of poop but i would not trade them for anything. It is a great joy to be a mother. I have learnt to love.

  11. Vanessa Odera says:

    hi lucia…first of all i love your blog you really inspire me i have always wanted to start my own blog but used to be afraid of what people will think although i am now positive because of you and God ofcourse..:)
    my mum has taught me so many things i dont know where to start the only girl in my family my mum has not only been a mother to me but a best friend..she has taught me how to be positive, a strong woman,assertive, tolerant something i dint have before and above all she has has always been there for me in tough times coz she herself has been through alot and has always wanted the best for me. i believe if a mother is tough on a kid one needs to respect them and always know there is a reason behind a mother’s toughness.

  12. Irene says:

    Being a mother has taught me to learn how to sacrifice for the well being of someone so innocent who looks up to me for everything. I am a proud single mum to a 7 month old girl whom I have had to give up a lot of things to always see her happy.for instance i buy her clothes,shoes, and spend so much on her always but i come last just to see her happy because I’m all she’s got and want to be the best mother I can be to her. thanks for the great post and keep the good work

  13. Nyaguthii Kioi says:

    Love your blog! Motherhood has taught me so many things, but most importantly, I have learnt to lean on God completely and the value of family and a support system. Being a mom especially with all tge wrongs and dangers in our society is scary, but I pray for my son daily because only God protects him fully. I have learnt to prioritize, seeing the value in family and true friendship, learning to find happiness in the simplest things like seeing my son being goofy. :)
    My mother has been my rock. She’s taught me everything I know about parenting, she’s basically my co-parent to my son. She’s taught me to truly live, to be happy and not fret over things that shouldn’t matter!

  14. caroline njenga says:

    I’m a mother of three and being a mother has taught me that I have to put my needs aside for the sake of my children. They come first and the greatest gift I can give them is love and being there for them always. What my beautiful mum taught me is to always pray and put God first in everything knowing that nothing is impossible with Him.

  15. Eunice says:

    My mom taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. she never complained about the pressure of paying bills n always made sure we were full before she ate. I hope I can be half the mom she was to us.

  16. Monique says:

    Good morning. loved the heels they are gooorrrgeous!!!!!!
    I would like to nominate my mum. she has taught me that a successful family needs a prayerful woman. since I have known her she wakes up everyday at 4 am to pray before she prepares to leave for work. she tells me that a woman is the family’s intercessor and if a woman prays then that family stands strong. she keeps reminding me that a wise woman builds her house and the foolish one destroys it. I look forward to having my own family and putting this teaching in practice.

  17. Cherotich Ticho Tanui says:

    My mum constantly tells me, you cannot make everyone happy. When i was a teenager, no one wanted to hang out with me a lot. Because I did not have as much as they had. So i wpuld struggle to get things for them (gifts) so that they like me and accept me to their cliques in school. But i would end up dissapointed. My mum noticed this and she began to preach the “You cannot please everyone” gospel to me. Right now, I realise, she was right. Not everyone will like you, but that doesn’t mean you stop liking you. Nontheless mum’s unconditional love is there another lesson from my mum. When you are a mum you have to be selfless and loving to your babies. I celebrate my mum Rebecca Cherono Tanui

    • Knightgale says:

      I have a 3 months old bay girl. When i realized i was pregnant i was excited and sad at the same time. Sad because i didn’t know if my family especially my mum would accept me or throw me out. I was happy coz i was gonna be a mum. At my tender age yet there are old women who go from doc to doc trying to find a solution to their ability not to conceive. It took me six months to finally tell mum i was expectant. She went silent on me for 3 days & after that she asked me to go home we talk. Fast forward to my leave days, she would wake up early to prepare “uji” for me and make sure there is soup in the house. I was a baby expecting a baby. When i delivered, she would wash the nappies for me,bathe the baby, nurse me till i was able to do simple house chores. She is the best grandma ever!! I couldn’t ask for anything less. She has taught me the art of being RESILIENT. I admire her for bringing us up as a single mum. For seeing us through every hardship & glorious moments too. She is the ROCK in my/our lives. I know for a fact that her grand-daughter will learn a lot of things whenever she goes visiting when she is of age. She is what i would call a gem that has been refined after passing through a furnace. THANK YOU MAMA!!

  18. kamami sarah says:

    i am a mother, i have a mother…i celebrate her everyday.i would have loved to nominate her but again i got this special woman that i met over mother’s much as mother’s undergo various challenges to bring up kids….mother’s with special kids have more challenges,i talked to suzanne njeri who has a special kid,and having undergone all the challenges she has decided to start up a daycare that would assist all the special parents on taking care of the kids.i therefore celebrate and nominate her for being a mother to many by thinking not only of her special kid but also other kids who are physically challenged.

  19. miss lanyiki says:

    from where should i even start from, Am a new mom and am loving every bit of it. Not only being able to see the world through my eyes, i can also be able to see it through my baby’s eyes. Motherhood is a blessing that every single woman should experience, from trading my eyeliner for darker eye circles, long baths to quick showers, late nights for early mornings, designer bags to diaper bags. TO ME THIS IS TOTAL DEFINATION OF HAPPINESS

  20. Mary says:

    Being a last born I had no one look up to me for anything. My daughter has taught me to be more responsible. I want to be a good role model. Her very presence motivates me to be a better person. The one thing My mum taught is to be a generous. Growing up I watched people take advantage of her generosity but she still gives. That is one thing I want to pass on to my little girl. Give but expect nothing in return.

  21. Maryanne Ochieng' says:

    I became a mother at 19years a few days after my mum lost the battle to cancer.Being a young mother then I wasn’t sure of what to expect. But things turned out fine and my daughter is now 7years.Being a mother has taught me that despite the situation at hand, achieving my goals and being successful is very much possible!

  22. EssySayialel says:

    I am a first time mom to twin boys who just turned six months. They have taught me patience, perseverance and true love. Through them, I now appreciate mothers even more. They are irreplaceable jewels. My days are always full of confidence, cheer and courage even after six months of sleep deprivation…I do know am a super mom and deserve an awesome pair of shoes to sashay in!..

  23. valerie chege says:

    My amazing mum taught me and my sisters the importance of early rising and how it gives one the chance to organize their day. This is one important lesson I will pass to my children. Help me appreciate her

  24. valerie chege says:

    My amaze mother has also taught me and my sisters the virtue of kindness especially to children because it’s from that kindness that the innocent souls remember you! She is a champ!

  25. valerie chege says:

    My mother has also taught me and my sisters the value of sacrifices! Especially with finances, she’s encouraged us to save because the want to spend is always there but saving comes in very handy on a bad day. She’s my hero

  26. Lilian says:

    I am see this now and thinking I can fit my mother’s lessons into a sequel.
    But the greatest lesson, is through her actions.
    A pig, a few chicken, and a small calf. Going through wastebaskets for organic waste, making feeding barrels from old ‘mitungis’, scraping for fees in many small chamas…. I could go on and on.
    I recently got a baby, and I was expecting a happily ever after but no. On top of it, I lost my job. But she has been there, encouraging, pushing and giving me counsel and we haven’t lacked a thing with just those animals. I would like her to get pampered. My rock, my earthly angel.

  27. faith kioko says:

    Am going to be a mom less than 7 days it have been a wonderful journey and i cnt wait for the sleepless nights kindly can one of this giveaway welcome me to motherhood?

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