Go to Outfit 2

Lucia Musau

In my opinion, every one should have at least one go-to outfit; that one piece that you can wear when you can’t find anything in your closet or simply a favorite outfit that you don’t really think twice about. I once posted my go-to outfit, but over the years of-course my tastes and preferences keep changing. Currently, Continue reading →

Challenge: Scandal Inspired

Lucia Musau

It has been awhile since I participated in the monthly  bloggers challenge, so when I got a reminder that it was my turn to come up with a challenge I had completely forgotten. So I thought, ‘how do I even reply this? ‘Is this where I come clean and apologize or do I just reply ‘it’s handled’…and right there and then I found the challenge…’it’s handled’…I thought Continue reading →

Jumpsuit Affair

Lucia Musau

I am always in search of outfits in which I can easily transition from day to evening and thus my continued preference for jumpsuits. I got this one last week and it was love at first sight! I like the texture, the feel and the quality. Besides that, I love the way it can work for both office environment and casual feel depending  Continue reading →

Booted Up

Lucia Musau

Happy Friday!

It’s almost a year ago since I wore this trumpet skirt on here and as I said before;  it has a certain ‘Je ne  sais quoi’ …a certain something which just makes me feel my oh my *inserts JKL voice* With the on going Nairobi floods, I decided; not only am I going install spacers on my wheels but I will also need to be Continue reading →

Being a Mother: Giveaway

Lucia Musau

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s day with many of us flooding our social media platforms with fancy quotes and messages showing appreciation for our mums. Whereas it was all very nice, I think we shouldn’t be waiting for special occasions to celebrate our mums! We should be continuously showing appreciation; surprise her, text, call, grab some dinner, do something!In view of this,

Continue reading →

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