#AskLucia – Reducing Stretch Marks

Lucia Musau

Happy Friday!

Greetings from the chilly Nairobi! Today I would like to go back to #AskLucia and answer another frequently asked question. So here we go;


I get a lot of questions about stretch marks, so I thought I would use Jedi’s email to answer anyone who might have a similar question! First of all I would like to let you know that I have plenty of scars and quite some stretchmarks. Growing up, I was quite a tomboy so I climbed all the mango trees in the neighborhood and had some great falls. I played all those games which today as a parent I would tell my son not to dare try. All those activities left me with scars but no I don’t hide them. They are a reminder of one fun filled and adventurous childhood! If you look keenly at the photos below you’ll sure see them. If you would however like something for scars, you can try Palmers Scar Serum.

With stretch marks on the other hand, I must admit they can be a bit uncomfortable and especially first time you get them. Immediately after pregnancy, I tried all those products which I could think of i.e. Palmers’ Cocoa Butter, Bio Oil, Olive Oil, Oriflame Perfect Body Anti Strech mark, Aloe Vera Gel etc. Did they work? Honestly, I can’t tell! All I know is, over time the visibility has reduced but they are still there! Do I try to hide them? No! I have come into terms with them. I rock my bikini (when the weather allows) with no apologies whatsoever. Every time I have felt overwhelmed by them I look back to my pregnancy and I suddenly feel it was worth it. Would I still like to get rid of them? Oh yes indeed! If I ever get one solution (non surgical) which clears them up you will be the first to know.

2 tips to avoid stretchmarks for those who are yet to go through the process;

During pregnancy ensure that your body is properly moisturized at all times, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter etc and secondly, keep your body hydrated. Your skin needs to be hydrated for optimum skin elasticity

Lastly, don’t be scared! Not everybody gets stretchmarks during pregnancy!

In the mean time, do you have something which worked for you in getting rid of stretchmarks? Do let us know

Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau

Thanks for reading!

Hair : Riena Family Spa

Trench: Tru-Lush

Skirt and Bag: Woolworths

Neck Piece: Riena Family Spa +254 726 883471

Top: Serinda Fashions +254 728 224901

Shoes: Backyard Shoezz

Photos by Bouart



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  3. noni says:

    I used an oil called soft and natural skin restoring for my stretchmarks. Within two months, they had almost disappeared. Bought it at supercosmetics.

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