Travel Review – 14 Falls Thika

Lucia Musau

Happy New Month!

I would like to start the month with a travel review! Like have said before, life in the city can make someone robotic at times! Too many routines, even the things you do for fun become routines. In a bid to break the monotony, last week I decided to take an impromptu trip not so far off Nairobi. A small break to 14 falls Thika.  Being first time to this place I didn’t know what to expect, although subconsciously I expected 14 falls to have a ‘wow’ effect

So what did I find?

I will tell you the pro’s and the cons.

It costs only Ksh 60 per adult (Less than 1 USD) to access the falls making it very affordable. The trip from Nairobi was approximately one hour drive, making it rather close. On location, there is plenty of open space therefore parking space is not an issue. Lastly, it’s a great place to take photos


The first thing that will hit you upon arrival is the stench! Yes the place doesn’t have the most pleasant smell. The water is completely dirty with plastic bags every where. On the photos, the water looks better (maybe because of the flash) but in reality it can compete with Nairobi River! Whereas the falling water should be magical, all you see is foam…dirty foam! Besides that, the closest restaurant is a drive away


Fourteen falls could be magical but as it is, it’s not. Something needs to be done and really fast before it gets worse. In my opinion,  Fourteen falls is really a shame as it is. A simple thing to start with could be to put up litter boxes around the area and of course when you visit don’t litter the place. Responsibility starts with you and me!

Finally, if you decide to visit make sure you take your own fun. You will need it! All in all, it was a great trip with great company but as far as the place is concerned I will pass!

If you know other places worth a visit, please share…

On to today’s outfit:

I got this short tailored but if you would like to pull a similar look, here are some options;  african print short or floral short alternatively you can use these yellow shorts

For the printed top, I got mine from Mr.Price but  you can try this one

My shoes are from Bata, alternatively you an try these (click the links to see the products)

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Have a lovely Month ahead and thanks for reading!

Top: Mr. Price (alternative here)

Shorts: Tailored (You can try this African print short, floral or plain yellow)

Shoes: Bata (Alternative here)

Photos by Radek


  1. Cate Kabura says:

    Your look is simple yet amaze balls, I love it.

    I feel for Kenya, it’s sad how we take natural beauty for granted, really sad.

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