Event Review – Fashion High Tea 2015

Vonette, Kevin and I

Vonette, Kevin and I


Last Saturday we attended Fashion High Tea 2015 , one of the most anticipated events on the Nairobi Fashion Calendar. This was the 5th edition of this annual event with proceeds going to┬áthe ‘I Support My Daughter’ campaign which aims to educate women in Samburu. True to it’s name the Fashion High Tea did not disappoint, the event was Continue reading →

Bloggers Valentine Giveaway

Lucia Musau

Today I would like to announce my first ever blogger’s giveaway, a giveaway specifically for bloggers! Many of you will ask, why bloggers? But then why not bloggers? You might remember a post I made few months ago ‘where I started‘….after that post I got to hear from several bloggers who were able to relate. The other day as I was going through the comments and mails I felt that maybe I don’t do enough, I rarely go through all the bloggers links left on the site or on mail and I wondered what can I do for a fellow blogger? Continue reading →

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