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Hugo Boss

Today I would like to feature a rather unusual post, with Valentine just a few days away I would like to give you some gift ideas for your man or rather significant other. Being a lady, I know most of us expect to receive gifts especially during Valentine but I feel it’s equally important for us to learn to give. Like I said the other day ‘the hand that gives never lacks’ Before you begin wondering what  he is giving you for valentine, ask yourself what you are giving him! So today, have created a valentine list comprising of some gift ideas, products and where you can get them

There are 2 questions you need to ask yourself;’ what does he like and how much do I want to spend?’ Having figured that out, I have grouped the products into Price range and product categories.

Price range: Kshs 5,000 – Ksh 13,000 ( 55 USD and above)


1. The HUGO BOSS Bottled Fragrance  (Pictured above) is one of my favorite scents, it’s very fresh yet so masculine it radiates class in all sorts. Check it out here

2. Another Hugo boss, this one is more fruity, check it out here


Both my picks are Hugo Boss but you know your man better so how about you scroll through the long list fragrances and select his favorite and of course the one which suits your budget

Kshs 2000 –  Ksh 4000 (Below 44 USD)


3. Polo Shirt: A nice Polo shirt is always in Fashion


Sport Wear

If he has football/soccer fan how about a jersey of his favorite team favorite team

4. For Chelsea, check here


5. Manchester United: Check here


6. Arsenal: Check here


7. If he is a golfer you can get him this Hi-Tec Active Polo Shirt


Fashion Pieces

8. Wallet:  For a new relationship I wouldn’t go for this, it might be misunderstood but if you already comfortable with each other it’s not bad. Check it out here 


Ksh 1000 – Ksh 2000 (Below 22 USD)

9. Leather Belt: This is a rather safe choice especially if you still don’t know each other too well simply because they are standard choice. It can’t be too big or too small. You can check it out here


10. Scarf: Whereas it’s still very hot, the weather will be changing soon; so how about you get ahead of the season and get him this elegantly African Scarf . If he is into fashion or travels a lot to other cooler places it will most definitely be of use. You can check it out here


11. Fitness:

If he is into fitness and likes doing push ups you can can get this push up bar


Below Kshs 1000 (10.94 USD)


12. Moodzz Love Dice


If you are both kinky you may throw in this Moodzz Love Dice for some adult fun (Read about it here to know what it’s for)

13. Lastly, you can opt for services  such as spa treatment for 2 or fun activities like go karting, movie night, wall climbing etc

So if I may ask you, what are you getting him? Any favorite in the list? Any more ideas you would like to share?

Remember you can always browse here for more gift options!  Additionally you can check out Myrina Alke for more options on wallets and colognes! Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine Preps!

Ps: Don’t forget the 2 phone giveaways are still open here and here

Photo Credits: Jumia


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