Little Black Dress

Lucia Musau

Today I am going for a little black dress with a pop of color but first I would like to venture in to unfamiliar grounds, the first being football or rather soccer. The only time I watch football is during World Cup, besides that I know several names of clubs and that’s where it ends. So when Royal Kenya invited me to try their new sports betting platform I didn’t know where to start. Just incase you are wondering who is Royal Kenya, Royal Kenya is a new form of online/mobile entertainment, a legal, safe and trustworthy platform licensed by the Betting Control Licence Board. Royal Kenya is convenient and pratical (mobile playing and also offer MPESA as method of deposit & withdrawals). Royal Kenya offers both online casino AND sports betting.

For those who are not fans of football but would still like to enjoy other games, Royal Kenya has over 500 games on offer, a section which is added to regularly, with new titles added to the casino on a monthly basis. These include popular slots, video poker, table games, progressives and Live Dealer. When new players register a Real Money account at Royal Kenya, they are automatically eligible for the casinos New Player Welcome Bonus of a 100% deposit match, up to KSh10,000 or $100 free. This amount will instantly be credited to the player’s account once they have made their first deposit. Additionally, the casino makes use of a loyalty Rewards programme, where players earn points for each bet they place, and these points can subsequently be exchanged for cash once the player has earned enough points. Once a player registers a Real Money account, they are credited with 2,500 Rewards points.

Now going back to sports betting, how about you guys help me out by telling me which teams I should be keen on.

If you are a fan of football have a look at royal kenya and bet your fav team. Deposits and withdrawals can be made via Mpesa


Lucia Musau

Moving on to books, I have finally finished the infamous 50 shades of Grey, the first one and the second one. Oh boy what can I say? I think I will leave my review for later. In the mean time what books are you reading this week?

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau


Lucia Musau


Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Thanks for reading x

Dress: Tru-Lush

Shoes: Backyard Shoezz

Photography: Gabriel



  1. Dharma Gal says:

    Haven’t read it (them), don’t think I ever will but since you asked for my opinion, you are now entitled to it :-P. As soon as my friend started describing 50 Shades of Grey to me, I stopped her mid-sentence with “So it’s the adult version of Mills & Boons?”. That effectively ended that conversation, and cemented my resolve as to why I wouldn’t be caught dead reading it

  2. Kúi Karanja says:

    I lwas intrigued by the psychology of Christian Grey, his mindset, what made him feel the need to do what he did. Didn’t read the third one though, my curiosity had been satisfied by book 1&2, and it felt like an afterthought, like the author hadn’t planned for it. Loved them.

  3. Milla M. Marín says:

    I’m thinking of reading the book cause I want to watch the movie this comment has helped my decision… I’m reading it!!!

  4. Epha Wawire says:

    Read it one year ago, I finished all the three books in less than a week. I think we women/ladies are a little sex monsters in our heads, although we downplay it all the time. The concept of BDSM was quite new and interesting to see someone open up about it. I am not going to watch the movie though, it will ruin the book for me.

  5. Norah Mbathe says:

    @Lucia musau..I think there was alot to that triilogy than sex.I learnt a whole lot about why people behave the way they do and how a persons childhood can affect even to adult hood.The movie focuses on basically the sensual scenes but the books are deep.

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