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Lucia Musau

Happy End Month!

On normal occasions I would say happy Friday but I think most of us are glad that January has come to an end, so today I will go with ‘Happy End Month!’. As we conclude this month, I would like to launch a new category on my blog. This category will be called #AskLucia and basically Continue reading →

Little Black Dress

Lucia Musau

Today I am going for a little black dress with a pop of color but first I would like to venture in to unfamiliar grounds, the first being football or rather soccer. The only time I watch football is during World Cup, besides that I know several names of clubs and that’s where it ends. So when Royal Kenya Continue reading →

Hello Food

Lucia Musau

Many at times I talk about fitness but I rarely talk about food yet the two go hand in hand. If your goal this year is lose several kilogram’s or just to maintain what you have or even add some more then healthy eating should also be your goal. Many of us have just come from holidays Continue reading →

Happy New Year

Lucia Musau

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday break and you’ve started your 2015 well! This marks my first post in 2015, having taken a break earlier on in December. It feels nice to be back on my desk and back on the blog. Like many of you, I’m excited for the new year; 2014 was great a year but I would like to believe that was just a warm up. The best is yet to come! So Continue reading →

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