Happy New Month!

Last week I was merely a shadow of myself, so towards the end of the week I decided to take a break. With a warm shawl, my lap top and several cups of tea I decided to sit back and recover from the flu bug.

 I am glad I did that, not just because I got to recover well but also because I got to take advantage of the black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. For starters, I went through all my favorite sites and bookmarked all the items I liked. Secondly, I made sure that I wrote down all the discount codes on all sites. Thirdly, I made sure in all sites I could pay with Pay Pal. So today I would like to share with you some of the deals which I thought could interest you …(and are still available)…

1. Jumpsuits

This season I’m loving jumpsuits so first thing on my list was jumpsuit . Check out and just search ‘Jumpsuits’ From 22 USD (Ps they also have 20% off Big Brands)

2. Jogger Pants

I’m going towards relaxed looks. Urban outfitters has them on sale

3. 30% off dresses at

4. Free shipping + 40% on American Eagle

5. Up to 50% on top shop

If you haven’t signed up for Paypal go to


Happy Shopping! Do let me know some more stores with interesting deals!


  1. Anita Joseph says:

    Always looking gd lucia very soon wana start my own blog too but i wana tackle a different topic.I read your blog article n they are so impressive n helpful.Just as u meantioned jumpsuits my favourite outfits i have two n feel like need more n more.Blogging is about community thenk u for sharing especially about online shopping.Gd day gal.

  2. carol says:

    You look fabulous as always! Love the links! Prices are great! But import taxes when they come in…………Like paying double for the clothes

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