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Lucia Musau

Have probably said it before and I will say it again sometimes I receive mails which I don’t know how exactly to answer . So the other day after posting ‘what to wear on holiday’ I received an ‘inbox’ on facebook from one of my readers. She told me she loves my blog however she wishes if just one day I would wear something even a big gal like her could relate to and more specifically something she could also wear on holiday. To meet her request, I had to ask myself ‘what if’….what if I wasn’t as small…what if my tummy wasn’t flat…where would I shop?What would I wear?…So I decided to visit most of my favorite stores but then this lady also mentioned that she was on a fitness program. Assuming that she is going to be losing weight and adjusting her size lower every other month I had to stick to affordable clothing. Such that every time she loses weight she doesn’t feel awful parting with that piece. So then I narrowed down my search to affordable plus size fashion and that’s how I ended up with Tiqueabou. Tique a bou caters for all sizes, from kids, petit to plus size and they are very affordable..I mean extremely affordable. So affordable that I decided to pick something just to show you how I would dress…

I thought this jumpsuit would be ideal..with the loose front you don’t have to worry about the tummy, being more curvy it would hug you in the right places and it’s very easy for the weekend in flats…or heels if you are an addict like I am

Check out http://tiqueabouclothing.com/ for more options

Hope this answers your question ma’am…


Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Thank you for reading x

Jumpsuit: Tique a bou

Shoes: Backyard shoes

Bag: Anairam Samot

Photography: Gabriel


  1. Chickinlove says:

    Dear Question asker: The blogs that jump out of my head for curvy ladies this moment is “curves and confidence” Its by an African American lady whose name I seem to forget, closer home I can suggest “from curves with love” by Anita Mogere – Kenyan both girls have great styling options just google them. As to where to shop online shops have the great options you can get things shipped in from the UK by using UKdukas.com for cheaper shipping charges just google them. Check flea markets Toi especially has a lot of plus size clothes that is if you are in Nairobi I don’t know how big you are but you can definitely find something in the local boutiques and malls or if all else fails just get them tailor made it’s that easy.

  2. Kunita Turner says:

    when you are shopping you’re looking for clothes that fit your body type.in a nutshell, if you like the style go try it on and style it to fit your body type. there are women of all sizes that do not want to show their stomach so if it’s a crop top wear high waist pants or wear a solid color shirt underneath. and not all plus sized women have the same body. Some have a hourglass shape, pear shape, apple shape, and so on. just because you see it look good on one plus size or thin girl don’t mean its going to look good or bad on you

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