Maxi Color Mix

Lucia Musau

As you will notice, up until my post titled  ‘what to wear on holiday’ I had never rocked a maxi on the blog; that’s because I only had 2 of them in my entire wardrobe.  But since I was taking a short break to the Coast I thought why not try something new and that’s how I ended up  with the maxi. With the sun, sand and  the beach in mind I opted for the lime green one and even though I wasn’t sure aboutthe viscose  fabric when I received the dress, I thought let me just try it on before I disqualify it. In as much as viscose doesn’t always feel like the most expensive fabric, it draped well and so I decided I was going to have it and even put it up on the blog. So yesterday, I got a call from the same lady  who had sold me the dress and she offered an extra dress as a thank you for putting it up on the blog. Since I couldn’t decide which one to take, I asked her  to send me 3 different colors then I can select. The dresses arrived this morning while I was doing my blog shoot, so then I tried them on and took a photo of each. Which color do you think I decided to keep? The 1st photo is blush, 2nd is Orange, 3rd is Pink , 4th is from my last post lime green. Given all 4 colors which ones would you have gone for ?

PS (Sorry for similar styling I was taking these photos as the courier guy a span 10 mins)

Thank you gal! Text/Whats-app  +254 726 146191 to get yours

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau


Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau


Thank you for reading x


Dresses:  Whats-app +254 726 146191 

Shoes: Backyard Shoes

Black bag: Anairam Samot

Brown Bag: Chica Paris

First Neck piece: Vonette Boutique

2nd Neck Piece : Mr. Price

Photography: Gabriel



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  3. Bella Amor says:

    Lucia Musau, you are Wise! As a man thinks in his mind, so is he. You have thought millionaire and proclaimed millionaire.. I believe you have RECEIVED millionaire. Barikiwa sana Lucia

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