What if

Lucia Musau

Have probably said it before and I will say it again sometimes I receive mails which I don’t know how exactly to answer . So the other day after posting ‘what to wear on holiday’ I received an ‘inbox’ on facebook from one of my readers. She told me she loves my blog however she wishes if just one day I would wear something even a big gal like her could relate to and more specifically something she could also wear on holiday. To meet her request, I had to ask myself ‘what if’ Continue reading →

Shopping Time

Lucia Musau

As we approach the end of November, I can’t help but start thinking of holiday shopping. Every year a time like this I begin going through my favorite online stores, checking out stuff and bookmarking them in preparation for Black Friday. For those who are not aware, Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. This year it’s taking place on November 28th.  On this Continue reading →

Maxi Color Mix

Lucia Musau

As you will notice, up until my post titled  ‘what to wear on holiday’ I had never rocked a maxi on the blog; that’s because I only had 2 of them in my entire wardrobe.  But since I was taking a short break to the Coast I thought why not try something new and that’s how I ended up  with the maxi. With the sun, sand and  the beach in mind I opted for the lime green one and even though I wasn’t sure about Continue reading →

My Dress My Choice

Lucia Musau

This week have been deeply saddened by what has been happening all over the country. Grown up folks who could even be fathers ganging around women and stripping them naked on the streets! In the name of being ‘indecently dressed”?

So my first question was and still is who and what determines “decent dressing”?

In our modern times, Continue reading →

Casual chic : Destroyed Jeans

Lucia Musau

Gone are the days when you would throw your old jeans because they are torn! Today when your jeans get old you tear them even more then you call them ‘destroyed/distressed or ripped’ and whereas back then everyone would say you looked poor now you look fashionable. Isn’t that amazing? During the weekend I Continue reading →

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