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Lucia Musau

My birthday came with a trip this year, a long weekend at the Kenyan coast; to be more specific Diani in South Coast. This year I felt the best way to celebrate another twelve months added to my rap sheet was to be with the 2 most important men in my life (My son & Mr.). I felt the need to stop and smell the roses, recharge the family batteries and raise our glasses somewhere between the palm trees while the Indian Ocean breeze blows off my candles.

Lucia Musau

Between Lucius and I there was no telling who was more excited than the other. Having left the Nairobi clouds and rainy traffic jam behind us; with the only agenda being swim play and cocktails on my part, we jetted off. But then upon reaching Mombasa, the pilot was unable to land due to bad weather and just like that we were cruising back at 30,000 feet above sea level direction Nairobi. For a moment I thought I was playing one of those kiddie plane games where I attempt to land unsuccessfully but this was no game we were heading back home without a touchdown. After 40 more minutes we were back in Nairobi, whereas some passengers opted to disembark and cancel their flights, I stayed put and opted tweet KQ about it. There was no way we were going to cancel our anticipated holiday. After awhile we were back, direction Mombasa; this time round a successful landing and then we zoomed off to Diani

The sun and blue skies over Diani were as welcoming as always but it was the sight of Swahili beach resort that made me at ease. A walk into the spacious corridors of the Swahili beach hotel and from afar the sight of the beach brings the resemblance of the once upon a time ‘Zamani Kempinski Zanzibar’ however the uniqueness and Swahili architecture reveals a more interesting concept. Curved in stone, with every décor piece placed at an angle and beautiful paintings on the walls I could already feel the Swahili presence in the Swahili beach resort. Away from the architecture, I’m drawn towards the friendly staff; with a welcome drink at hand and cold towels to cool us down I proceed to take a look at the pool and yes I’m ‘wowed’!

Swahili Beach Resort

Swahili beach resort


To be very honest, I could write a story book about this place from the well manicured green gardens to the cascading pools and back to the great food but then I would hate to bore you so let me just give you pointers on the overview of the place (the good and the not so good)

Swahili Beach Hotel

Service: Excellent, in my view many hotels at the Coast fail when they start treating us Kenyans as secondary. At Swahili beach hotel I felt as much a tourist as I should. The staff is well motivated, very friendly, fast, efficient and most importantly they treat every guest alike.

Cleanness: On point!

Food: Really great food, lots of variants on the buffet and on the specialty restaurants the ‘Tepanyaki’ is a must try.

Beach Front: A bit narrow but still you can walk across so no worries

Pool: The pool is the winner!! I hate having to watch over the ‘deep end’ at all times especially with a kid and considering that I’m not the best swimmer. But at Swahili beach I could stand on all sides of the never ending pools, not too shallow and not too deep either!

Kid’s club: A disappointment! The staff at the kids club didn’t know when to get off their phones and when to entertain the kids. They lacked pro-activeness and seemed out of sync with the rest of the staff vision

Rooms: Very spacious and quiet. Wifi, plasma screen, Fridge and Safe all in good condition. One very important note, with the way the rooms are built you don’t bump into other guests all the time so there is privacy!

At the end, it’s clear that the coast has been bit by the security scares. One must admire those who put up investments like Swahili Beach hotel and maintain great service levels even when occupation is lower. Whether for your birthday or any other holiday: Swahili Beach is a place to try out!

Swahili Beach Resort

Swahili beach resort


Swahili Beach Resort

Swahili beach resort

Swahili Beach

Swahili beach

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    For a moment i thot i was the one on vacay just by reading through. Swahili Beach On my to do list! You evidently had a blast doll !

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